The Value Of Products

Morning Inspiration by Fammeya Yelebe on The Value of Products: Purpose.
You must have a course in life that is bigger than life, the creator of the earth calls anyone HE calls according to HIS Purpose.
Products are judged and valued to
the extent they fulfil their stated purpose. Purpose is the basics of judging Relevance. When there is a purpose God’s hands are stretched out to fulfil the purpose.
Purpose is Determined by the desire of the maker.
Your purpose is resident in who youare.
Purpose is inherent in being.
Your Purpose is determined by
Ownership (GOD). God Himself is your number one
Purpose in life.

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Desire is the recognition of
potential. Whatever you desire
exist and so shall you receive it.
For as a man thinks in his heart so
is he. You don’t desire what isn’t in
What you possess on your inside is
heavier than that which you seek
outside for what you seek outside
is lesser than what you carry . You
carry the solution to what you and
your generation is seeking for.
For out of your belly shall flow out
rivers of living water.
Flow out your potential and soak
your world today. ……
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