The Order Of The Bible

The story begins . . . Our journey began at Genesis through Exodus. On the way, we saw Leviticus recording the Numbers of people at Deuteronomy, while Joshua was waiting at the beautiful gate for Judges to see Ruth calling loudly “Samuel, Samuel”. At a stage, the first and second Kings of Chronicles were coming to visit Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther for the misfortune of Job, their brother. Then they noticed that Mr. Psalms was teaching his children Proverbs concerning Ecclesiastes and Songs of Solomon. This coincided with the period that Isaiah and Jeremiah were engaged in Lamentation for Ezekiel and Daniel their friend. By that time, Amos and Obadiah were not around. Three days later, Hosea, Joel and Jonah travelled in the same ship with Micah and Nahum to Jerusalem. More also, Habakkuk visited Zephaniah who introduced him to Haggai a friend of Zechariah whose cousin is
Malachi. Immediately after the old tradition, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John got involved in Acts with the Romans who were behaving like the Corinthians, who were also always at loggerhead with the Galatians. At that time too, the Ephesians realizing that the Philippians were close to the Colossians, suggested to the Thessalonians that they should first of all see Timothy who had gone to the house of Titus to teach Philemon his younger brother how to read and write Hebrew. On hearing, James asked Peter to explain to him how the three Johns have disclosed to Jude the Revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ.


– Original Story-teller



This is a season of greater works,
we are moving on to greater heights of Innovative Innovations

The Generation Y are young people under the age 30. We are charting a new course for our world and changing the existing status quo. We are the generation of great impact, a team of mighty men of value.
We are the present and the future
of Realities of hope and change.
Let us enhance the culture of
innovation to move our lives from
the current reality into the expected future.

The Generation- Y

Jesus Is Alive

“On the third day He rose again”
The death of Jesus was real. Maybe
someone doubted even the death
of Jesus. John himself assures that
he actually saw how Jesus’ side was
pierced with a spear. In this way a
Roman soldier made sure that Jesus
really was dead. Then the gospels
tell us that on the morning of
resurrection the tomb was empty.
The body of Jesus had been
Death has a power that man
cannot win. Many rich people have
tried to buy themselves more
youth, and many scientists have
tried to find immortality. Every day
we see many deaths on TV, but in
real life even the death of a close
family member may take place in
an “invisible” manner in a hospital.
This is the Finnish way of dealing
with death; it is not spoken about.
Even the word “die” is not used of a
family member, but instead it is
said for example quietly that “he
has gone away”. In many other
countries dead are buried with loud
funeral processions and
The Bible teaches that death is
originally the result of sin ( Genesis
2:15-17). When Adam and Eve
sinned (Genesis 3), they died a
spiritual death. The relationship
with God was broken and as a
result their spiritual life died. Also
bodily death started to do work in
them. They became mortal. The
third death that the Bible speaks
about is eternal death. This is the
perishing or damnation that is also
called hell. Hell is eternally
continuing death for those who
have sinned against the almighty
God ( Matthew 25:41 and 2
Thessalonians 1:5-10). Jesus came
to gain victory over the whole of
death. Jesus has gained victory over
the power of death, sin and devil.
After this, death can no longer
claim the believer. Sin will no
longer destroy one who believes in
Jesus. Demons cannot have power
over someone who belongs to
Jesus. Death is a kingdom into
which Jesus steps and whose ruler
he overthrows. He breaks the
power of death and makes death a
way into eternal life. After Good
Friday “on the third day” there
comes the Sunday morning and the
celebration of the resurrection,
Easter. This is the greatest feast in
Christianity. On Easter morning you
may greet your friends by saying
“Christ has risen”, to which one
replies “He is risen indeed”. Every
Sunday is a reminder of
resurrection. Every Sunday is the
Lord’s day.
The first witnesses of resurrection
were women ( Matthew 28:1-10).
Like in many cultures today, the
testimony of a woman wasn’t
worth very much at that time in
Israel. If someone had “invented”
the resurrection of Jesus, the
person would have certainly put in
his story some important man to
play the role of a witness to this
event. But resurrection is not an
invented story – it actually
happened. Later a large group of
disciples was able to witness with
their own eyes that Jesus really has
risen from the dead ( 1 Corinthians
15:4-8). The Bible testifies to us,
that when we will be resurrected
on the last day, also our body will
rise in the same real manner as
Jesus rose ( Philippians 3:21 and
Daniel 12:2). Because the tomb of
Jesus was empty, also your tomb
will be empty one day. God calls
every human being to become
again a complete creation for his
eternal destiny ( 2 Corinthians 5:10).
How is this possible? For the
Creator God it is possible.

Freedom Of Choice


Every man has the freedom to choose what happens to him. In our everyday life we make different choices. So many persons have spent their past years making wrong choices. You choose what happens to you,you choose life or death , you choose failure or success, courage, fear, happiness or sadness, faith, ambivalence, mediocrity etc. What you choose to do continually becomes your habit,your habit determines your character and your character determines your tomorow. You are responsible as well as your choice. Every moment gives you an opportunity to make a new choice.
Your success and achievement in the future will define and explain the choices you make today. Your desire and choice have the potency to attract your future. Whatever you ask from life you will receive for life is an employer we are the employee.


1. Choose to save and invest your resources rather than labouring for self pleasure
2. Choose to plan every moment of your life,plan your day ahead. Lay down all steps required in executing your plans. Engage yourself in Purposeful planning,it is essential to effectiveness. Gain control of your time.
3. Choose positive talk rather than negative talk
4. Choose to develop yourself, your potentials, skills, talents and abilities. Be prepared and ready to face the future.
5. Choose to be outstanding. Be different. Take a bold step, step out of the crowd,soar to the top, don’t be at the bottom,for the bottom is too crowded for you to stay.too many people are down there, get yourself prepared to soar to the top
6. Choose to be productive,multiply your success. Build your economy on productivity and not consumption.let your economy be production driven economy and not consumption driven economy. Don’t just hunt down to kill, and eat, Learn to save and make them multiply
7. Choose to be focused in your pursuit, be persistent, don’t give yourself to every distraction around you, choose to live a focused life.
8. Choose to effectively manage your time,life,economy,opportunities.
9. Choose to be proactive,be Response-able and not Reactive.
10. Choose Excellence, Prosperity and not failure. Hate failure and it will flee from you, desire and work towards excellence and it will eventually become yours. Poverty is not synonymous to Holiness
11. Choose to walk in love rather than keeping enemity. Even the bible says; that by this shall all men know that you are my followers if you show love for one another.
12. Choose to have both Eternal and Abundant life,don’t limit yourself to only one for we all need both of them.
13. Choose wisdom and understanding rather than ignorance.
14. Choose to feed your faith and stab your douts. Dout is the twin brother of faith. All things are possible to them that believes. A believing heart has the power to attract even blessings of the future into the present.
15. Choose to live freely rather than living like a slave. Choose freedom
16. Choose to Apply Winning Attitude to your life today rather than the attitude that will lead to your failure.